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Since 2010, Eden's cure has been fanatical about testing and providing accurately dosed and labeled cannabis products for patients in need. Couple that with a rabid desire to make candies we really loved the taste of and an herbalist's approach to salves and balms and capsules and you get the finest products money can buy. We make everything by hand in the beautiful paradise of Santa Barbara, CA and our products are made with the highest amount of love and care possible. We hope you enjoy their healing properties as much as we do.

"...a five-star edible..."

- Culture Magazine

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California native and Eden's Cure founder Vaughn Hirschkorn has been practicing herbalism for over twenty years. Naturally when medical cannabis laws were being passed, Vaughn got involved. Early on, he knew that accurate, tested products were the key to reliability and consistency. Eden's Cure has always had the patient in mind and always will.